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Curriculum and Instruction Micro-Site

Mansfield Public Schools




New Mansfield Health Center

Located on the Campus

of Mansfield Elementary School

Opening Fall 2013

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Mansfield Professional Development


August PD Class Schedules

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It is our pleasure to provide our visitors with information on a wide variety of topics for our students, parents, and faculty regarding our students' educational preparation at Mansfield. Students and parents can access information such as schedules and registration for the ACT exam, college admission, financial aid, and information on enlistment in the military. In addition to these topics, students and parents have 24 hour access to online academic tutorials and other student services, as well as the Walton Arts Center and the Janet Huckabee Nature Center.

Adult education information is also available. Information on nursing careers, GED courses, etc., are available on this micro-site. Community members can use this site to locate information on how to complete their high school educations, or, to explore new careers in today's economy.

It is our intent that the curriculum micro-site will also be a reference tool for both students and faculty. Links to student research sites, public and university libraries, writing style, formatting requirements, and other information are available to our students. Faculty information includes an extensive range of Common Core curricular and  professional development resources, faculty book studies, professional association links and other resources embedded in the site. These resources are available 24 hours a day! 

Academic standards for Arkansas public schools have changed significantly since the start of this school year. Mansfield's commitment to academic excellence has not changed, and our dedicated faculty and staff will continue to work hard everyday to make sure that your children receive the best possible education to prepare them for college and career opportunities.

We hope this information is both useful and informative, and it is our pleasure to make it available to you! Thank you for trusting the Mansfield school district with your child's educational preparation.




 Mansfield Schools Ranked 85th of 235 School Districts

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2013-14 Mansfield School Calendar

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Homeless Students Educational Services Information (Estudiantes sin Hogar Información de Servicios Educativos)

Click here for information on homeless student educational services in the Mansfield School District.

Estudiantes pecado Hogar Información de Servicios Educativos

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