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Welcome to the Library Media Center

I am SUPER excited to announce that the MHS yearbooks from 1950-2006 (minus the year 1952 )  have now been DIGITIZED and made available online! In addition,  yearbooks from 1927 and 1929 have been included. They are  available for you to browse and use for upcoming reunion gatherings or personal use by clicking on the highlighted year.            1929

 1950     1951     1953     1954     1955     1956     1957     1958    1959 

 1960     1961     1962     1963     1964     1965     1966     1967    1968     1969     1970     1971     1972     1973     1974     1975     1976    1977     1978     1979     1980     1981     1982     1983     1984     1985    1986     1987     1988     1989     1990     1991     1992     1993     1994    1995

 1996     1997     1998     1999     2000     2001     2002     2003     2004

 2005 (HS)          2005 (MS)         2005 (ES)          2006          



This page will be serving both the high school and middle school media centers. You will find quick links to the card catalog system for all three campuses to the right of each of my pages as well as via the audio/eBook link on the right side of the home page.  This is part of the circulation system that  allows students to search what we have in our libraries from anywhere: classroom, home, smart phones, tablets, and ipods.  There is an app that can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play for mobile devices that will allow you to download, rather than just steam from a browser window:  look for the DestinyDiscover app.  

eBooks can also be read on a computer on the website. The necessary digital reader will automatically launch itself.


 Also in the quick links section you will find a link to a MULTITUDE of reference type resources that are made available free of charge to all Arkansas residents via the Arkansas State Library and its Traveler program.  So if you are just wanting to research magazine articles out of personal interest or are working on a Ph.D., the resources you need are now at your fingertips through the links you will find here.  These include encyclopedias for elementary through high school, dictionaries (including foreign languages), magazines and professional journals, assorted specific reference books, and magazines.  And in the encyclpedias you will find a multitude of media materials (videos, maps, pictures, etc...)  ANY research that is needing to be done should START HERE. 



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