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        The Model United Nations is an enrichment and optional  part of the Gifted and Talented Program at the High School.  The club participates in competitions by using Parliamentary Procedure and debate against other Southwest United States schools and colleges. Students represent a different country each year that is a member of the real United Nations, and they do research into the pertinent topics of each committee chosen. Then, in competition, each committee strives to make  mock resolutions, debate the issues, and get their resolutions passed. The competition is usually held in November at the University of Central Arkansas and takes place over two days. An overnight stay is required. Students must be in the Gifted and Talented Program to participate in MUN. SIgn ups are usually during the latter part of September with a $5.00 non-refundable club fee, which will be applied toward the cost of the student's hotel room during the overnight stay.

         Mrs. Yates has been the MUN sponsor for the past 17 years, and last year received an award at UCA for her outstanding service to her students and the program.

        Students who are interested in law, international issues, politics, government or debate especially benefit from the MUN program. In addition, MUN is an asset to any resume. It tells future employers and colleges that the student is poised, diligent, and informed about current events.

   NOTE:  The date for the 2012 MUN conference is Nov. 16 and 17, 2012. That is the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving break. We will be leaving around 7:30 am on Friday and returning approximately at 10:00 pm on Saturday. Please be sure those dates are available for your student to participate in the conference before your student signs up to attend. Room deposit is $15.00 and due to Mrs. Yates by Friday, Oct. 26th.