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Dental Clinic - Dr. Friddle





Dr. Cody Friddle was born and raised in Fort Smith, graduating from Southside High School in 1998.  After high school, he headed to Baylor University in Waco, Texas where he majored in Biology and graduated in 2002. After being accepted at multiple dental schools, Dr. Friddle chose to attend Texas A&M’s Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. He graduated in 2006 and returned home to Arkansas. Dr. Friddle began practicing dentistry in the Friddle family dental office in Fort Smith alongside his dad.  Over the nine years since, he has been busy growing three additional dental practices in the greater River Valley – in Van Buren, Mansfield, and Lavaca.  His practice revolves around providing excellent care, with a personal touch.  He loves his work and strives to stay on the leading edge of dentistry while treating people with empathy, patience, respect, and humor too. 

Rachel Scharbor is also a Fort Smith native who earned her degree in Dental Hygiene in 2011.  She has been in the dental field for over nine years, with an assisting background before she began her career in hygiene.  The passing of the Collaborative Care Act has allowed Rachel to perform cleanings and x-rays one day a week at the clinic in order to assess patient needs for care by Dr. Friddle.   

The Friddle Dentistry team is comprised of many people who allow us to be successful—Kristin, Barbie and Lindsey who work side-by-side Dr. Friddle as his assistants and Laura, Angela D and Angela J who oversee insurance, billing, and scheduling.

We recently successfully completed our first Sealant Day in which students ranging from grades K-6 were screened for any areas of decay.  Teeth showing no signs of decay were sealed with a tooth-colored material, or “sealant,” that helps prevent future decay.  All children seen received fluoride treatments as well as documentation of all findings.    

Parents should be aware that our clinic doors are always open for them to accompany their child.  The only thing we ask is that all required forms are signed, we have a copy of the child’s dental insurance card, and payment for any applicable co-pays prior to the child’s appointment.  Our clinic is designed for convenience--school nurses can remove your child from class, bring them to their appointment, and escort them back.  You will always be informed of all treatment procedures before and after appointments, and your child is not penalized for the class time that was missed. To schedule an appointment, please call: 479.471.8131 or 479.452.8800

We look forward to seeing you soon!             

VAN BUREN- 1612 N. 7th St., LAVACA- Lavaca Wellness Center, 603 S. Division St. Ph: 479.763.3514

Fort Smith 5008 S. U Street, 479-452-8800

MANSFIELD-   Mansfield Elementary, 100 N. Walnut Ave., Ste. D Ph: 479.689.4199 or 479-269-6058