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Basketball Protocols For Mansfield Games

Posted Date: 11/09/2020

The 2020-2021 basketball season is just around the corner for several area teams including Mansfield. With that, Mansfield Public Schools has issued some protocols that should be followed when attending home basketball games.

Because of limited seating due to Covid-19 health regulations, Mansfield will go to a voucher system for admission into home games. This will actually be the case for most away games as well.

If you plan on entering a home game for the Tigers, plan on securing a voucher beforehand. Those printed documents will be made available through the two Tiger head coaches or from the high school office.

With a voucher, a fan may purchase a ticket to a specific event at the Tiger Ticket Window on the night of the game. General admission price will be $5 with the voucher. 

If all vouchers are not distributed beforehand, it is possible extras will be available at the door. This is not a guarantee. Those wishing to attend home games should be aware they may be turned away at the door if they do not have a proper voucher for that game.

School officials do however guarantee that holders of current Mansfield season passes, student discount passes, school employee passes, or senior citizen passes will be admitted without vouchers.

Fans should also be aware that in some cases when high occupancy games are anticipated the gymnasium may be cleared between specific games. In that case, a fan would need to have a voucher for each contest that night. This is to ensure the opportunity for families to see their specific children who may be participating.

For example, a fan wants to watch the junior girls game and the senior boys game of a three game night that includes the senior girls. That fan would need both a junior girls voucher and a senior boys voucher to enter as each contest is about to take place. 

The fan would enter for the first game, exit for the second, and re-enter for the start of the third contest. Only a one time admission fee per person for the night would be required regardless of how many vouchers a person had on that date.

All people entering the gymnasium will be required to wear masks at all times. Masks may only be removed when consuming food or drink. Children under grade six must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Seating will be prohibited in the marked off blue rows. Family units may sit together in the open occupancy rows. Non-family units should maintain a 6 foot social distance in open row seating.

There is absolutely no loitering in the lobby or common areas. Maintain social distance anywhere lines may form such as at the concession area or restrooms.

It should be noted, the women’s restroom near the visitors stands will be converted to a girls locker room on game nights. Ladies will be diverted to the women’s restroom near the entrance and close to the band room.

Only authorized school officials are allowed along the rail near the concession stand except those that are waiting in line to purchase food or drink. As soon as concession purchases are made, a customer must return to their seat immediately.

Fans are not allowed on or near the playing court or locker room areas. All people are asked to leave the building immediately after the contests through the designated exits.

No one should enter the Mansfield gymnasium if they are experiencing any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus. Those include unexplained coughs, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, close contact with an infected person (Covid-19) within the previous 14 days, or fever of 100.4 within the last 48 hours.

Questions may be directed to the high school office or athletic department.

Fans that follow the Tigers on road games should be aware similar requirements are being implemented at all area schools. Some schools on the Mansfield basketball schedule have very limited seating. In these specific cases, only immediate family members of players will be allowed a visiting voucher. 

It has been expressed that some gyms are restricted to as few as 14 visitor seats. Please communicate with the Mansfield coaches or school officials before making a trip to an away game this season.




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